rev. July 21st, 2016

Here's a list of sites I've found interesting and useful

A further word about these links and my personal philosophy. A few of the links on this page you may feel are controversial. I am aware of that however, I think we've reached a point in the life of our type that there are very few resources actively supporting us. You may decide for yourself not to take advantage of any of the resouces I've listed. I don't feel it my place to make those judgements for people. As a Navion owner I will continue to actively encourage support from any organization or individual willing to offer it. I think it's in our interest do that.

If support dies the type will truely become an antique type with parts only available from scrapped airplanes or made by hand. The number of airworthy Navions will quickly decline to the point where no commercial support is possible. At that point the only Navions flying will in collections and the type will end it's life as a working GA type. That day may come but I will fight it to the end.

If you know of a Navion resource I've missed please let me know. I'd be happy to add it. - Bill Putney

American Navion Society - Membership information, contact info for parts and help. If you own or fly a Navion you should join ANS. We really need to keep this resource alive and well.
Navion Aircraft International - NAI is the current Type Certificate holder for the Navion type. NAI holds a PMA for new Navion parts, makes FAA approved repairs and modifications and has all of the current type technical data.
Rip Quinby's Site - Rip has "Verified" Shop Tips and other cool stuff.
The Navion Mail Group Signup. - This is a great source for Navion chatter.
Ken McTavish's Twin Navion Site - This is devoted to all things Riley and Camair. A really great site if you're into twins (and who isn't?).
L10 Web Stats Reporter 3.15