rev. October 6th, 2005

Navion Maintenance Forms and Information

As a new Navion owner I'm starting to collect information that may be useful to other's. Some of this comes from other Navion interest sites on the web and some comes from other sources. Some of this will be old news but some is hot off the presses. This is especially true if you haven't done a 337 lately. - Bill (Webmaster)

There are some Adobe .pdf files on this page. It's a really nice format and it's available for most computer operating systems but it requires the Acrobat reader. The reader can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

Click here to download the reader

With an airplane that's 51 years old everything is a 337!

Microsoft Word Template for FAA 337. (Hint: you need to save this one to a file first)
Here's the new 16 part section 8 for the FAA 337.
Here's the FAA order that made it a requirement.
Here's an article by the fellow responsible with an explanation of the new section 8.
This is another article by the same fellow explaining his explanation!

Here's the NEW Navion 337 cache. A collection of approved Navion and Navion related 337's to help you quickly file a 337 to get that alteration on it's way.

Here are the Type Certificates for the Navion type aircraft.

This is the TC for the single engine types.
This is the TC for the Camair twins.
This is the TC for the Temco twins.

Jan Zumwalt has a lot of great stuff on his Navion web page's. Here's an example of some of the really handy things I've found there.

Jan's Annual Check Sheet